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Byron Shepherd

Mr. Shepherd is a successful entrepreneur with more than 22 years in international business, marketing and retailing experience.  He is responsible for the development of international marketing strategies that have revolutionized the way we do business today. He worked with multinational companies assisting them in introducing new products into the U.S.   He has launched a number of entrepreneurial ventures and sold them as profitable going concerns.

More recently, he has also been working with Trade Sources International, Inc., a division of UK-based Camden Enterprises Ltd., an international marketing company with offices worldwide and very strong interests in China.  He has been responsible for successfully introducing new imported product ranges to leading retail buyers in the U.S.

His online marketing techniques have been responsible for the success of several companies that make individual entrepreneurs upwards of $200,000 a year with minimal investment. This is what you stand to learn from him.

His main online venture is to assist small online business owners and individual entrepreneurs like yourself in better understanding online marketing strategies that help promote your own online businesses in the most productive way. Connecting marketing strategies with a few simple formulas will launch your online business into the kind of success you hope to gain.

“The strategies are there. The simple formula is easy to follow. Anyone who puts them into action will catapult their own business ventures into levels previously unimaginable!” Byron Shepherd

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